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Live love as a couple: joint gifts for a different Valentine

When these dates arrive, it is increasingly difficult to give to our partner, and if it is about Valentine's Day, What we want is to look great and be original, bored of the typical as are the balloons, hearts and material gifts. Come on, tired of the same as always. But what if you give yourself a present set? Live love as a couple and write down these joint ideas to live a February 14 different.

Dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant

If you are a couple who love gastronomy, the best choice to celebrate Valentine's Day is to enjoy a meal or a dinner, but not in one more place, but the site! (with capital letters). It is the haute cuisine. And for that what better option than choosing a Michelin star restaurant, Perfect for the delight of the most sybarite palates. In total there are 174 restaurant: eight with three stars, 20 with two stars and 146 with one star. 50 of them are in Catalonia, 20 in the Basque Country and 17 in Madrid. Stand out Arzak, Diverxo, El Celler de Can Roca, Martín Berasategui or Quique Dacosta, among many others.

Cooking class

If you prefer something simpler but related to food, choose a gift to unleash the culinary creativity of the most foodies It's the moment Masterchef A cooking course for two, so that we can share the best moments at home. This type of workshops usually have specialties of traditional cuisine, vegetarian, Japanese ... and of course levels, from the most basic in case you start in this, to the advanced, for those who dominate the stove. You can find this option in Deulonder, Kitchen dreams, Zonaregalo or Aladinia

Spa + massage: relaxing intimacy

One of the gifts that never fails are the most relaxing. Due to the stress of our day to day, the body occasionally shouts a Massage, a thermal circuit, Arab baths ... plans that satisfy the need to get out of the routine and become true moments of pleasure and intimacy with your partner. So, what better option than disconnecting around three hours and opting for a Combined spa and massage.

You can opt for a specialized urban space such as Caroli Health Club in Madrid, an exclusive space that offers the privacy of its facilities to couples who want to share a luxurious and therapeutic experience through personalized services designed to offer relaxation, benefits for the body or the mind. Always double treatments perfect for Get the harmony and relaxation you need. Highly recommended are the spas of the luxury hotels. One of the most striking in Spain is the 43 of the Hotel Arts de Barcelona located on floors 42 and 43, and accompanied by an impressive viewpoint to the sea. Another option is the Arab baths such as the Hammam Al Ándalus in Madrid or the Arab Baths Aire Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčavailable in other cities such as Seville, Almeria and even New York.

Mixed Mani-Pedi Session

It seems that doing mani-pedi is only a women's thing, but no. There are more and more boys who want to wear well-groomed hands and perfect nails, and those who do not should! So a beauty and relaxation plan together, is an afternoon of Luxury spa manicure and pedicure. There are very cool spaces like My New York street in Madrid, a center that uses treatments brought from the Big Apple such as the Jelly Bath, organic, Japanese manicure ... and for the girls luxury enamels: Tom Ford, Omorovicza, Dior Chanel, Marc Jacobs or YSL; Yass & co in Barcelona; or Le Parisien Nails Bar in Valencia.

Declaration of love of high flights

Can you imagine being declared eternal love in a balloon? An image in the purest style of the film The crude reality by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Sounds very good yes, but you can look so good! If neither of you has vertigo, a striking and original gift is a Balloon ride This is really love of high flights! There is a multitude of experience with this proposal as Life is Bella, smartbox, Wonderox, dakotabox, Joy Experiencies or Healthia

Wine tasting

Are you a couple who loves good wine? Well, the perfect gift is a wine tasting. In the market there are many proposals such as visits to wineries, wine tasting, tours, routes with tapas and even starter workshops if the palate is not yet sufficiently prepared. And if a tasting is not enough, many proposals are accompanied by getaways in beautiful rural hotels. In Evadium, Zonaregalo, dakotabox or Emotionday You will find several options.

Love at full speed

The luxury cars We like them all and the experience of trying one is a pass! It is generally a gift that boys like best, but that increasingly has more followers among the female audience. With ductor and co-pilot it is the perfect plan, but if speed only likes one of the two, do not miss the company and support from the stands so that it becomes an unforgettable experience. These types of cars are enjoyed in a professional circuit where you can download all the adrenaline behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or an Aston Martin. A high speed adventure. Drivingbox, Formulagt, Groupalia, Wonderbox or Motor Experience are some of the proposals.

Personal shopper

The super gift of a personal shopper It has two readings, but look where you look is a success. If you both like fashion and shopping, it's a great thing. It's like feeling for a day like Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl! establishing a personalized shopping tour through fashion stores, international firms that best suit your style or hunting and catching bargains on sale. It all depends on the credit card. And a second option, is that you need this gift "like May water" because neither of you have time to renew your closet and you urgently need to include some latest trend option. I keep the first one!

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