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This is how Twitter changed the way we see fashion in ten years

Twitter turns ten and is still the place where everyone has something to say, even if it's really banal. It is the place of trending topics, hashtags and memes. And although it seems that today his privileged position falters, we cannot forget that during the last ten years thousands of key moments have been experienced through this social network. For fashionistas, it has been a tool to get closer to their favorite designers and brands, to keep up to date with the latest trends, to have a daily ration of fresh news or, simply, to have fun. We analyze some of the phenomena of Twitter related to the world of fashion that has marked us the most this decade.

1.- The memes of the outfits of the stars.

The network has focused on assembling with the outfits most prominent in the galas and awards. If before ceremonies such as the Oscars, the Grammy or the Bafta, to give some examples, aroused great expectation, since the existence of Twitter we live them with more intensity. And with more sense of humor. In fact, in these galas no longer looking to be the best dressed, but to be the one that attracts the most attention and burst Twitter.

2.- Campaigns for real beauty and large sizes.

Normalization of large sizes has found on Twitter its natural place to campaign and raise awareness in the rest of society. During these last years we have witnessed a large number of initiatives that fight to change the strict standards of fashion, to defend real beauty and to achieve a place in the industry for all types of women, sizes and ways to enjoy of fashion Examples of this are campaigns #plusisequal, #ImNoAngel or #SpeakBeatiful.

3.- The weight of networks on brands when making decisions or recognizing their failures.

In 2010 a furious fan group of The gap He orchestrated a protest campaign on various social networks and got the company to go back and withdraw its new logo, just a week after replacing it. The power of social networks is such that they get brands to consult many times before starting a corporate movement. It is not the only scandal that has affected The Gap: in 2014 the image of a model too thin caused great controversyIn 2010, the same company was involved in a great scandal when they discovered a child under ten years working in a Chinese factory.

Abercrombie & Fitch too has aroused outrage on the net. Following the statements of its founder, Mike Jeffries, that they were addressing only attractive and popular boys, a young man started a campaign against the company years later (the hashtag was #FitchTheHomeless), and another one created a petition on the website to apologize to the company. After getting eighty thousand signatures, the company had no choice but to retract the discriminatory position of its leader.

One of the last cases of receive a good rapa dust through Twitter they were the italian designers Dolce and Gabbana after statements made exclusively for the traditional family. It was Sir Elton John himself who launched the campaign against the Italian firm that gave rise to the hashtag #Boycottdolcegabbana.

4.- Live the fashion shows live.

Fashion shows have come to life thanks to Twitter. What times those in which we had to wait days and go down to the kiosk to find out what had been presented in London, Paris, New York or Milan. Now everything can be enjoyed live. But that has forced designers and fashion houses to completely change their priorities when planning the show, targeting another type of audience and another type of impact. If what mattered before was the parade itself, with the arrival of Twitter the circus that is mounted around it is more important. It no longer matters what has been presented, but who has gone and what has led. That is why brands prioritize thinking about which guests are going to arouse more interest in the network or in what dramatic turn it will mean to become a trending topic.

5.- Fashion covers that gave us a lot to talk about.

We do not know if his real intention was to "break the Internet", but it is clear that Kim revolutionized Twitter when he posed for the camera of the French photographer Jean-Paul Gorde in a series of provocative snapshots that highlighted his most pronounced attribute for the cover of Paper magazine in 2014. And the comments and hilarious memes of the image broke records on the web.

It is not the only fashion cover that has been the talk of this social network. So was the one that starred with her husband for the April issue of Vogue in 2014. And this year, the news bomb has been the election of the Ronda Rousey fighter, the model Hailey Clauson and the plus size model Ashley Graham for star in the swimsuit catalog of Sports Illustrated magazine.

6.- The tasty gossip of the designers.

The game of thrones of the star designers is lived intensely in the social network. Continuous departures and disputes to preside over one house or another are our daily bread in the social network for fashionistas. But also the scandals and the declarations of our favorite designers. Karl Lagerfeld criticizing the weight of Adele, Galliano and their problems with alcoholism or anti-Semitic insults, etc.

7.- The avatars of the models and the it-girls.

The life of excesses of celebrities They are meat of Twitter. As much or more as the clothes they wear or the brands they represent. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse, Karlie Kloss or the "always on everyone's lips" Kate Moss arouses both passions and rejection in the social network. Y we are witnesses, almost at the moment, of everything that transcends in their lives.

8.- The influencers of the industry.

Prescribers, brands, designers, ego-bloggers, journalists ... enrich our day to day with all kinds of information related to the world of fashion. And is that Twitter and all fashion go hand in hand, a perfect dance couple that generates millions of tweets. And you want to check it in person, you just have to look for the hashtag #OOTD, the acrostic of Outfit of the day, and hallucinate with the figures.

9.- The queens of Twitter.

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift they break the statistics with each occurrence or statement they make. And let's not say what they are wearing. In the last Super Bowl, for example, Beyoncé broke all records by being mentioned in more than 147,000 tweets per minute, but it is not the only one that handles scandalous figures. Taylor Swift with a legion of followers, 73 million according to the latest count, constantly uploads photos about her travels or the clothes she wears. And Katy Perry has 85 million followers. Figures that produce vertigo like the ones they win with the different sponsorship contracts of the most juicy brands on the world scene.

And how to forget the performance of Miley Cyrus in the VMA? According to the company itself, Miley's performance in 2013 had the record of 306,100 tweets per minute. While it is true that it is not exclusively a matter of fashion in this case, but the controversy of outfits Miley's have become a recurring theme in the social network.

Although today the future of Twitter seems uncertain, with more than 320 million users, the network is still in top form. And we are looking forward to discovering what new innovations it will present to us in the coming years. And especially, how they will respond to our great passion for fashion.

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