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Fendi 90 years: 'Legends and Fairy Tales', or how a firm parades above the Trevi Fountain

Not every day you can say with your mouth overflowing with pride that a turns 90. But Fendi Yes, and like good wine, it improves with age. That is why a few hours ago it was held in the Rome City a parade that has left stone and with a dry mouth to all its attendees called Legends and Fairy Tales. The reason? Its location, in full Fontana di Trevi -one of the most iconic places in the Italian capital-. On top of a transparent catwalk, the models have paraded above the water and under the Neptune's watchful eye (and of those present).

Kendall Jenner opening the parade Bella Hadid, new muse of Karl Lagerfeld, has been present

Kendall Jenner has been in charge of opening this parade so special that it has raised its Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld. This time, the model's mother was streaming the parade from Los Angeles and was accompanied by older sister Kim Kardashian - that's how they showed us from Snapchat. It is known that this location has been possible thanks to the financing that the firm has contributed to the restoration of the source estimated at 2.18 million euros.

A luxury event

The event itself has been one of the most luxurious seen so far. And it is that they have not only closed this monument for the occasion, the guests have flown to Rome in a private and personalized jet, in addition to having dinner in a place of scandal: the Pincio terrace in Villa Borghese. Of course, very few have been the lucky ones to live it in first person - Chiara Ferragni among them.