In search of the perfect matte lipstick ?: we tried the Catrice Matt Lip Artist

Catrice It is one of those low cost brands that do not disappoint with their quality and that usually launch collections with a striking and versatile color. Although I have not tried many products, I must say that the ones I have have earned an important position in my bag. Given that matte lips are trending, I had to try new ones Matt Lip Artist, jumbos who called me shouting for the characteristics that describe it.

These lipsticks they promise high pigmentation, velvety matte finish and a duration of 6 hours. Its format is very practical because they are retractable pencils and are available in 7 shades.

My experience with the Matt Lip Artist

The first thing I should say is that despite his name, the finish is not completely matte because it leaves a very subtle shine on the lips. Its texture is creamy, so they do not dry the lips and are quite comfortable to wear.

Its pigmentation is very good, although I have not arrived at 6 hours with the color intact. If you eat you lose a little, so it is essential to touch up.


The two tones that I teach you are the 020 Best ROSEBuddies Forever and 040 HibisKiss Proof. The first is a cold pink that slightly increases the natural tone of the lip and is very beautiful, it is ideal to use those days when we do not know what tone to choose because I think it combines well with any look.

The second is a mixture between fuchsia and a cold cherry that is beautiful on the lips ... perfect for autumn and winter.

I liked them a lot, although I must admit that I expected a completely matte finish. I still use them a lot and I would definitely recommend them.


Ease of application: 10/10

Hydration: 9/10

Finish: 5/10

Pigmentation: 9/10

Duration: 7/10

Price and format: 5.70 euros

Total: 8/10

Do you like this type of lipsticks ?. Have any of you tried them?

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