Women of all ages star in the new Mango collection to show that there is no age limit in terms of fashion

Does not exist no kind of law or rule that says that at a certain age we must dress in one way or another. The limits are set by us themselves in the head - imposed, sometimes, by a society too judgmental - and today Mango He has decided to break everything. In their latest collection, women of different ages show us that the trends of the moment They are suitable for everyone: it's a matter of attitude.

Printed garments are suitable for all ages

Whether leopard, striped or geometric: printed clothes are perfect to break the monotony and give "fun" to our day. The Spanish firm presents us with endless patterned designs where chromatic combinations have a leading role.

Absolute simplicity

The "less is more" is presented in the form of simple looks where class and elegance shine more than ever. Impolute looks where the nuclear white is the protagonist and other options where the black color reminds us that it will never go out of style.

Perfect looks for 24/7

There are garments - and looks in general - that are perfect to wear 24/7 during the 365 days of the year. The suit-pants is an example: not only can you accompany us to go to the office, but with a pair of sneakers we will achieve a casual look and with a pair of heel sandals and a body we will get the perfect styling to eat the night.

What do you think of all these new proposals?