Blanca Suárez is uncovered to show us with great detail his latest tattoos (which leave no one indifferent)

Blanca Suarez has the power to surprise us with everything she does, but we must recognize that this time has left us quite stunned. And even though these new tattoos were made some time ago, so far we could only intuit very slightly (and with an eagle view) in some of his Instagram photos. However, the time has finally come of seeing them with great detail.

It has been through the Instagram account of his tattoo artist, from Andrea Morales, where we have finally been able to see what was hiding in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir ribs, the three tattoos corresponding to his three pets, his dog and two cats: Pistaho, Fluff and Plug.

Three totally realistic images that demonstrate their passion for animals and yours especially. In fact, among the comments you can read one of Blanca Suárez herself who says ...

I better not have more pets because otherwise you will have me there every weekend

Of course, with doubt the actress has also left us with one of her stories where it implies that there is another tattoo that we know nothing about. So, indeed, curiosity corrodes us right now, things as they are.