Live a terrific night guaranteed in these five hotels (and no, it has nothing to do with the bill)

It is never too late to enjoy Halloween and if yours are not the costumes or the "trick or treat", you can always live a scary night and book a room somewhere with some paranormal and spooky story. Like these hotels we have chosen for you.

Gregynog Hall

One of the most emblematic buildings of Wales (currently, it is part of the protected cultural heritage) and with more than eight hundred years old, make this hotel the ideal establishment for certain types of phantasmagoric sightings.

The Haunted Bedroom

We knew that New Orleans is a charming city, but not that I was delighted or that we could find hotels like this: with its own ghost, a girl from the year 1890, and overlooking the cemetery. What more could you want?

Du Vin Hotel

Numerous tourists have declared having witnessed paranormal phenomena in this luxury hotel, but somewhat sinister, formerly an asylumor.

West End Hotel

This hotel in Paris is the perfect starting point to take a stroll through the city's catacombs in A night full of horror legends and mystery


Surely in this Oxford hotel, old castle, you can live a scary night listening to old horror stories of when the building was a prison.

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