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The 15 maternity outfits that could inspire you this summer

Maternity Fashion of yesteryear it has been, fortunately, forgotten in the past and the companies have put the batteries to modernize all your collections. Adapting each of the trends of the moment to the body of pregnant women, more and more brands are they launch special designs for them. And although many choose to wear clothes street wear but in larger sizes, there is always the eternal question of what to wear? Today we look at the RRSS to show 15 perfect looks for this one summer 2019. One thing that has become clear to us is that the pants in summer are not worn (will it be coincidence or practicality?).

White minidresses are a success

Whether you are pregnant or not, white cotton mini dresses are the cornerstone of every summer outfit. Its versatility, simplicity and ease of combination makes this type of design the favorite of the season. Future moms with more style do not hesitate to show us their options.

Long live the dresses oversize

Whether for comfort, to play with the curves of your body or because you don't want anything to be marked: the dresses oversize They are always a good option.

A dress that fits the body

They say that for tastes, colors, and this body is not always available, that is why many girls choose to wear well-adjusted garments to the body (creating an effect opposite to that shown above). Knitted and cotton dresses become the safe bet for this season of sun and heat.

Skirts (maxi and midi) are a success

If you want to make a difference but do not want to give up comfort, midi / maxi skirts are made for you. Combine them with simple bodies like cotton t-shirts in basic tones such as white or black and you'll have it all.

What look do you prefer?

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