Mango launches its campaign for this month of February but we only have eyes for those clones there

New Year, New Campaign. Here is the philosophy of the Spanish firm Mango that in the time of sales has not hesitated to reward our view with the garments that we will accompany in Spring. Despite the fact that one gets stuck on the screen with all those designs stamped and full of color, our mind cannot go beyond what it has in front of its noses. The reason? We have located several clones That have left us very crazy. Literally.

Full color

Goodbye to the dull, dull and lifeless shades. Hello to all those bright colors that brighten our morning and push us with their presence alone. The yellow chicken and the pink fuchsia will have to talk.

Blank mind for the closet

It is already known that when the good weather arrives (although for the moment we do not see the day when the temperatures rise again) the warm tones take over the closet. The white color is still the favorite and we see it with these examples.

The most accurate clone you'll see this season

Talking about clones by now is normal. But when we have seen the first image of the campaign the cables have crossed us: does that dress there does not belong to the Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2017 collection? No, although I could.

Who is who? Balenciaga and Mango face each other for a dress of the closest resemblance

The same goes for these silver pants, although it cannot be treated as a full-fledged clone, one can speak of divine inspiration. The question is, Loewe or Mango?

If you're one of those who fell in love with Loewe's silver pants, now you have a second chance

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