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Paula Echevarría will launch her own line of glasses for Hawkers in the middle of the great media storm

Is it the best time for Paula Echevarría's releases? As we told you a few days ago, it seems that the actress does not go through one of her best moments and this has caused the news to become the subject that everyone talks and writes about. Right now the level of impact that the (ex) couple has touches their highest levels So this is one of the best times to make your own releases. Paula Echevarría is about to launch her new perfume, but also her own line of glasses with the well-known Hawkers, kings of the low-cost sector.

All these data we know through their social networks, specifically on their Instagram that today reaches 1.6 million followers. At the moment we know little about this collaboration and it is that they have not yet shown us the models that will compose their collection although if they have shared with us a video in which we see Paula Echevarría in full design work, choosing materials and colors and, of course, the frames that most identify with it. At first glance it seems that the aviator and pasta models with different shades will be the winning bets. What do you think of this release?

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