Kendall Jenner debuts as adidas Originals ambassador with a campaign that promises a lot

A couple of months ago we announced it: Kendall Jenner joined the adidas Originals family becoming the new signature ambassador. Now we have the first visual campaign, and it comes with a little controversy (obvious). Of course, we must not deny the skills which has the model to defend its role. Do youThey will extend your contract to infinity and beyond?

The first contact comes with the RRSS

Things as they are: the RRSS have become the best scenario to announce all kinds of news. From launches to collaborations, without forgetting to present fashion campaigns. The sports firm and the model itself have shown a small capsule of what this new campaign will be ... and it promises a lot. With a new version of the mythical song My wayKendall is reborn and reminds us that the original never ends.

Of course, the final video is accompanied by controversy, since many criticize the way the firm has had to adapt the success of Frank Sinatra and at the same time use the legendary works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli.

Video: Kendall Jenners Adidas Deal Proves Celebrities Make the Best Brand Reps (February 2020).