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7 graphic reasons why the high-rise bikini (very high) is a must to keep in mind

Many will say that it is a grandma's cut, others that is not visually beautiful and others hate it without knowing why. The high rise bikinis They have been in the dark for a long time, but now they shine again because they have become a trend. Today we give you 7 reasons why we love your style... Are you going to fall into temptation this new season?

Less is more

Very little is needed to be perfect with this type of clothing. You don't need to look for the original version, with a simple basic color model like black and straight lines you can achieve a lot (a lot!).

It is the best weapon to hide according to what areas

Either why summer has caught you with your hands in the dough or why you are not able (or do not want) to wear a six pack In full rule, these types of designs can hide the gut area. In this case, the Bridget Jones panties are really cool.

You achieve a very cool vintage aesthetic

If you are one of those who lives anchored in the past and loves to see images of the 50/60 years, now you can achieve a similar postcard. These types of garments have a vintage touch that catch and bring a unique personality.


To make a difference

Although it is becoming one of the trends of this season, this type of bikini has not yet been viralized and is a good opportunity to make a difference and get apart from the rest.

Originality is possible

Although with this type of models it takes very little to be perfect, there are models that opt ​​for originality and mogollón molan. For love & Lemons or Tularosa are some examples.

Trend Trend

In addition, although the design is already a trend, there are models that use other trends to create great bikinis. For example, this version is signed by Asos and combines the fashion of high-waisted bikinis with flounces.

It is very Instagrameable

We are not going to lie, we all want to have THE Perfect summer photo and this type of swimsuit is the most instagrameable.

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