The mother of the Hadid sisters thought about taking her own life due to illness, and Bella also has it

Seen from the outside, Yolanda Hadid always looks spectacular. But the mother of the famous Hadid sisters suffers from a neuronal disease. In his last autobiographical book, Believe me: my battle against the invisibility of Lyme disease, the celebrity Finally talk about it. And confess that in his worst moments he thought about taking his life, and all because of a health problem that his sons Anwar and Bella Hadid have also contracted.

Yolanda Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, when she was 52 years old. They tried to treat her and help her improve, but with the first symptoms the unpleasant part began. Joint pain, exhaustion, insomnia and anxiety forced him to spend 22 hours a day in bed. "Smaller things, like going to the bathroom or answering a e-mail, they became unreachable "recognizes the former Dutch model in her biography.

In his book Yolanda Hadid reveals all his experience fighting this neurological disease. One that their young children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, also suffer. And in one of the toughest chapters he tells how, when a moment came, he considered committing suicide. Everything happened in one of the times that Yolanda Hadid went to bathe in the sea, because floating in the ocean cooled her and relieved the pain in the joints. And then the most ominous thought came to mind.

"I am a fighter, but I had to give up. I asked for it please. God, let a wave drag me and take me away. I can't live another day like this. Please, take my body away, I want to disappear."

However (and thank God), she herself recognizes that this idea crossed her mind briefly. Then he thought of his three children and wanted to continue fighting to recover. After five years of treatment the miracle occurred. Now the celebrity It goes through a period of disease remission and works to improve and support those who seek to discover a cure.

"In spite of how hard these five years have been, I am very grateful to have been able to live in the light. I have had everything and I have lost everything. And that has made me realize that less is more, that money does not buy health or happiness. "

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