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The best books of summer 2019 for those who love to read

During the summer, publishers cease their activity and no new books are published until September arrives. That is why the months prior to the arrival of the holidays, the industry squeezes and public some of the best books of the year.

All the books selected below have been published in that period and have been highlighted both by critics and by the most demanding readers.

Great literary bets that they do not disappoint either in their goal of entertaining or in transmitting new ideas that change our lives and that this famous "return to the routine" may become, perhaps, a new way of understanding it after a summer and transformative readings.

Riddle variationsAndré Aciman

Riddle variations is the author's new novel of Call me by your name. A book that, from a different story, continues to explore the same themes: eroticism, memories and body. A story about the possibility of discovering ourselves through others, our shared moments and the intimacy built together.

A review of Paul's links with the different people who have been shaping what he understands for love. Men and women with whom he has met since his adolescence in Italy until his maturity in the United States.

The idiotElif Batuman

Elif Batuman's novelistic debut, nominated with her novel Pulitzer, is about the great challenge of reaching adulthood. The story begins in 1995, when e-mail was something new and exciting. The protagonist is Selin, who has just arrived at Harvard determined to become a writer but who, accustomed to living through books, arrives at the university without an instruction manual.

Thus begins his relationship with Ivan, a student somewhat older than her with whom he will begin writing via email, creating a habitable parallel world that will quickly eclipse all your other relationships.

I'm going to talk about Sarah, Pauline Delabroy-Allard

It is the literary discovery of the year in France: favorite of critics and readers, finalist of the Goncourt Prize and winner of the Nancy-Le Point Booksellers Award. Its author has been compared with Marguerite Duras and Yourcenar with this first novel, which is the story of an erotic obsession.

It's about two women who meet by chance. From then on, improvised appointments, lunches, concerts, readings and spring in Paris follow one another. It unleashes the amour fou, the passion that burns at every moment and that, as with all great passions, it can't end well.

The summer my mother had green eyesTatiana Tibuleac

Tatiana Ţîbuleac shows an intense narrative force in this brutal testimony that mixes resentment, helplessness and fragility of motherhood relationships. Full of emotion and rawness.

In it, Aleksy still remembers the last summer he spent with his mother. Many years have passed since then, but when his psychiatrist recommends reliving that era as a possible remedy to the artistic blockade he is suffering, he is again shaken by the story of a summer of reconciliation, three months in which mother and son finally they lower their weapons, pushed by the arrival of the inevitable and by the need to make peace with each other and with themselves

I sing and the mountain dances, Irene Solà

I sing and the mountain dances It is the fourth Anagram Llibres de Novel·la Award. In it women and men, ghosts, clouds and mushrooms, dogs and roe that live between Camprodon and Prats de Molló, in the Pyrenees take the floor. An area of ​​high mountain and border that, beyond the legend, preserves the memory of centuries of struggle for survival, of persecutions guided by ignorance and fanaticism, of fratricidal wars, but which also embodies beauty.

First comes the storm and the lightning and death of Domènec, the peasant poet. Then, Dolceta, who can not stop laughing while telling the stories of the four women who were hung by witches. Yes, he has to raise Mia and Hilari alone. Y the trumpets of the dead that announce the immutability of the life cycle.

The end of the affairGraham Greene

The end of the affair It is Greene's best novel and also one of the most autobiographical. It is a meticulous inquiry about the lights and shadows of a sentimental relationship, about the mechanisms of desire and faith, and about the close links between love and hate which retains the same force today as when it was published in 1951.

In 1946, in a London in which the wounds of war are still perceivedMaurice Bendrix meets by chance with the diplomat Henry Miles, whom he had not seen for a long time. Henry is married to Sarah, with whom Maurice had had a affair during the war. When Henry confesses that he suspects Sarah is unfaithful, it will be Maurice, driven by curiosity and jealousy, who decides to hire a private detective to find out the truth.

Susan Sontag: The complete Rolling Stone interviewJonathan Cott

Thanks to this year's MET Gala, our lives are a bit more "camp", a term that was coined by Susan Sontag. In 1978 Jonathan Cott, editor for Europe of the magazine Rolling stone, interviewed her in two intense days. The meeting would take place in a crucial moment in the professional career of the writer: the previous year he had published one of his best known works and two others were about to appear.

These books are the starting point of a captivating conversation that ends up covering the most disparate topics: books, music, war, art, sexuality and death. In it, Sontag deploys his knowledge in philosophy, literature, aesthetics and feminism. This book includes the complete transcript of this interview that lasted more than twelve hours and that ultimately crosses the threshold of its genre to become a kind of intellectual autobiography of one of the brightest minds of the twentieth century.

Alice Hart's Lost FlowersHolly Ringland

Lost flowers Alice Hart has been awarded this year with the prestigious ABIA award for the best book of the year in the fiction category and has become a best-seller whose translation rights have been sold to twenty-eight countries. An exciting novel about a young Australian who has to break the patterns of his childhood and take the reins of his life.

Alice Hart is orphaned at nine in a fire that leaves her speechless. His only relative is the paternal grandmother, June, who runs a flower plantation in which he welcomes women who go through complicated circumstances. In that environment, the girl gradually regains her voice and self-confidence.. As an adult, she decides to leave without a trace and take refuge in a corner of the central desert, however, in this landscape she will feel vulnerable, at the mercy of the love of a charismatic man and a past that does not stop stalking her.

Someday todayAngela Becerra

Someday today It has been the Fernando Lara Novel Prize 2019. It is based on a real event that occurred in 1920 in Colombia and tells the story of Bathsheba Espinal, who at twenty-three became the heroine of one of the first female strikes in history.

On a stormy night a bastard girl is born whom, believing her dead, they baptize with the name Bathsheba. No one knows that inside it carries the force of femininity, as well as the magic and rebellion that will make it overcome all obstacles. Ángela Becerra writes in this book the purest friendship and involves her protagonists in a passionate circle of love with an end surprising.

The year of magical thinking, Joan Didion (edition illustrated by Paula Bonet)

This special edition of The year of magical thinking recover the great work of Joan Didion with unpublished illustrations by Paula Bonet, one of the most renowned Spanish artists. Didion puts the words and Bonet captures the essence of a detailed journey through pain, loss and survival.

In 2003, Joan Didion had to face the sudden death of her husband and the long illness of her only daughter. The author narrates her reaction to the tragedy and grief in a book that has captivated millions of readers around the world.

Long sea petal, Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende's new novel takes place during the Spanish Civil War. He introduces a young doctor and his pianist friend, who are forced to leave Barcelona and go into exile. they do it on board Winnipeg, a ship chartered by the poet Pablo Neruda who led more than two thousand Spaniards to Valparaíso.

Received as heroes in Chile, they will be integrated into the social life of the country for several decades until the coup d'état that overthrew Dr. Salvador Allende, when they will be uprooted again.

Full storiesMario Levrero

This edition condenses the literary universe of the Uruguayan author and is composed of all his stories published between 1970 and 2003. A volume in the care of his son, who gathers for the first time stories that until now were believed unattainable.

Fifteen years after his death, Levrero's work continues to gain readers and international recognition. His work is characterized by two main lines: one influenced by Kafka and children's stories, full of stories of adventures, always bordering on the sinister, and another realistic, closer to Jorge Varlotta, his "everyday self."

Purple netCarmen Mola

Carmen Mola they have called her "the Spanish Elena Ferrante". The author, who refuses to publicize her identity, is the latest phenomenon of the black novel in our country. Purple net It is the latest installment of the great series starring Elena Blanco.

One summer day, the inspector bursts into the home of a middle-class family and arrives at the teenager's room. What they feared is confirmed on their computer screen: the boy is watching a session snuff live. How many before she will have fallen into the hands of the Purple Network?

Forbidden to die hereElizabeth Taylor

Chosen by The guardian as one of the best novels of all time and Booker Prize candidate, the genius of Forbidden to die here It resides in the plausible way with which it captures every revealing detail of everyday life.

Shortly after being widowed, Laura Palfrey arrives at Claremont to start a new life. Four permanent guests await her at the hotel, whose lives are arranged around meal routines and television programs. Only the sporadic visit of some relatives modifies the boredom. But nobody is going to see Laura. Until he meets Ludo on the street and Together they develop a plan to compensate for loneliness.

Memories of the future, Siri Hustvedt

Siri Hustvedt has become this year the seventh woman to win the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters. Memories of the future It's the latest novel, a mix of thriller psychological and training novel in which the protagonists are two women, a city and a mystery. A story that moves between reality and fiction.

The star is a writer who, working on her memoirs, rediscover the newspapers of his first year in New York In the late 1970s, just out of a town in Minessota. Forty years later, they serve to reflect on issues such as the passage of time, desire or the role of women in society.

MalaherbaManuel Jabois

Manuel Jabois' latest novel begins with a puzzling phrase: "The first time Dad died we all thought he was pretending". It happens when Tambu, a ten-year-old boy, finds his father lying in the room and meets Elvis, a new classmate.

Discover, then, for the first time love and death, although not in the way one would expect. Together they live the last days of childhood, those in which things happen that still cannot be explained and there are feelings to which it is not yet known to name. A book about the terrible things that are done with love, written with humor and quick prose.

The idiot

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Enigma Variations (LITERATURES)

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I'm going to talk about Sarah (NARRATIVE)

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I sing and the mountain dances (Hispanic narratives nº 629)

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The end of the affair: 221 (Books of the Asteroid)

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Someday, today: Fernando Lara 2019 Novel Award: 3 (Spanish and Ibero-American Authors)

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The Year of Magical Thought (Illustrated Edition) (Random House Literature)

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Long sea petal (SUCCESSES)

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The summer my mother had green eyes (Impedimenta)

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Complete stories (Map of languages)

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Memories of the future

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