Tous chooses several 'influencers' as protagonists of his latest sign campaign

Tous He has chosen several 'influencers' as protagonists of his latest and striking campaign. Lovely Pepa, Melissa Villareal Y Aretha the Cookie, They are the ones chosen to show us Tous Medallions, This is what the Catalan signature campaign is called, where they reveal what mean their jewels, their stories, their memories ... Using sign language.

The three influencers they tell us in sign language what their mean to them Tous Medallions, in the most significant expression of nonverbal language: sign language. Each of them, through a video, explain the meaning of each jewel. It can symbolize an emotion, a moment of tenderness or a certain power.

The Lovely Pepa collection consists of very simple silver earrings and pendants among the 20 euros and 59 euros.

This is the most significant expression of gestures, which Tous appropriates, leading a language not used before to explain his collection with a very focused approach. to tend.

Aretha the Cookie opt for earrings, pendants and rings some minimalist style, others in the form of snake and others more baroque colored stones. Their prices range from 35 euros up to 95 euros.

The proposals of Melissa Villareal They are formed by colored stones as if they were talismans. You can find from a cross with gems to bracelets and rings with maxi stones. Prices range from 69 euros up to 125 euros.

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