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This is how Keira Knightley sings for Chanel

A guitar, of course with the seal of Chanel, and the delicate and pleasant voice of Keira Knightley singing in French, they are the perfect tandem to show the new jewelry collection of the maison A simple line that almost goes unnoticed, since the actress eclipses with her voice and the most fashionista guitar you can imagine.

Chanel shows his creations Coco Crush in a video staging the actress and ambassador of the Chanel jewelry. Keira Knightley plays "Tourbillon de la vie", the song of the film Jules et Jim (1962) by de François Truffaut, sung by Jeanne Moreau.

We already know that the actress sings beautifully, we have already discovered it on previous occasions as in the soundtrack of the great movie Begin Again Now we hear it again in a song that you will love for its catchy hue and where it also plays the guitar, an ideal design for the most capricious, and that is wrapped in a black quilted case.

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