The best places to dive and enjoy underwater wonders according to those who know best

Diving is a sport that is increasingly booming. The feeling of diving into the ocean engages. Diving allows you to discover a new and different world from the one that surrounds us daily and is a wonderful way to disconnect and enjoy the sea. And to do it You don't have to be a professional of the subject and you dare in the immensity of the ocean, a few meters with glasses and a tube is enough to be amazed if you dive in the right place. Or else, you always have the option of launching into the ocean accompanied by professional guides and monitors.

The hardest thing is to choose the place to practice it. When it comes to not feeling disappointed with what you find in the depths when you put on the diving equipment. Not anywhere you find brightly colored reefs and spectacular tropical fish. But it is not impossible to do so.

Therefore, to escape the frustration, dear (or future) diving enthusiasts, resorting to an expert in search of their favorite places is a very good idea. And according to Sebastián López of BtheTravelBrand, This is the best route to dive and enjoy the sea.

Whether you're thinking about taking a diving trip or you're attracted to these destinations and you wouldn't mind trying it, your personal list will come with pearls. Crystal clear waters, hidden underwater treasures, rock formations, reefs that are fantasy and amazing species. Here your personal selection:

Riviera Maya (Mexico)

What to see: The crystal clear waters of its cenotes. Especially, the Calavera cenote that offers a strange combination of fresh and salt water. The underground river system in Mexico is spectacular to enjoy the rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and the leaking lights.

It is also worth diving in its ocean to visit sunken ships, current diving, with turtles or with sharks.

Gardens of the Queen (Cuba)

What to see: The Jardines de la Reina reserve contains an intact reef with all the representative species of this habitat. You can see whale sharks, reef sharks, turtles, and many fish typical of the Caribbean Sea.

Cocos Island (Costa Rica)

What to see: Large formations of hammerhead sharks. This island is recommended for advanced divers due to its strong waves and currents although it is also possible to snorkel in protected bays. Its most famous diving spaces are the underwater mountains.

Galapagos Islands (South America)

What to see: Ideal for seeing large animals. Its marine life is one of the most biodiverse and among the common species it contains you can see penguins, marine iguanas and sea lions.

Red Sea (Africa-Asia)

What to see: The most popular sunken ship in the world, the SS Thistlegorm is one of its main attractions. Although it is only one of the sunken ships that hides this destination. In its waters it is also possible to see hammerhead sharks and fantastic caves and canals.

Strait of Lembeh (Indonesia)

What to see: One of the best destinations to do muck diving and discover the hidden secrets of underwater mud. Its dark background of mud, mud and sand hides a surprising atmosphere with devil fish, toad fish, needle fish, ghost fish, rat fish, mime octopus, blue ring octopus ...

Sea of ​​Cortez (Mexico - Baja California)

What to see: The Sea of ​​Cortez is the world capital of whales between January and April. In it you can see different whales: the humpback, the pilot, the blue, the gray ... If you are a fan of whales, it will be your paradise. Besides these animals are peaceful and it is easy to get close to them. But it is also a great place to watch sea lions and dolphins.

Maldives (South Asia)

What to see: The whale shark, common in the area, is the largest fish in the world and in Maldives it is possible to meet him. In the islands, life on board is very typical, which consists of staying in a boat while one or two different atolls are scuba diving. The most recommended are the Male South Atoll and the Male North Atoll. There are also many resorts that have their own dive center.

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