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A joke by Jennifer Lawrence becomes a viral fake: it doesn't take a sabbatical year to pursue politics

A few days ago, Jennifer Lawrence announced that she wanted take a sabbatical year to "fix democracy" and engage in activist work in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. This created a whole flood of news and rumors about the future of her acting career. But we have good news for your fans: J.Law is not going anywhere.

Do you think about taking a break? - @ savannahguthrie
“I'm taking one. I don't have anything set for 2 years. ”-Jennifer Lawrence

- TODAY (@TODAYshow) September 14, 2017

It's been months since he talked about taking a year (or two) to rest. He already said it in the Today show, although I had no idea what I would devote that time to. Now he seemed to have a better plan, to take that period to focus on activism and help in the fight against political corruption. Or that he told in his interview with the publication a few days ago.

"I will take a sabbatical year and work with the Represent.Us organization, trying to make young people an active part of politics at the local level. However, it has nothing to do with politics. It is more oriented towards anti-corruption and doing things to create state laws that help prevent corruption and fix our democracy. "

This informative bombshell collided very much with reality, if we consider the busy schedule that the actress has in 2018: It has seven films pending release, including filming of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the promotion in which he is currently in his new film, Red Sparrow. And everything had a reason for being, because Jennifer Lawrence doesn't go anywhere nor is he going to take this year off.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, the actress's representative has confirmed that J.Law he will return to work as soon as one of the projects he has open is finished currently and that this will happen very soon. Do not misunderstand the facts, this does not mean that the actress stops collaborating with Represent.Us As he has been doing for a few years, he simply will not stop acting to do so.

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