Zara's new looks like science fiction, augmented reality in its stores to see the looks in motion

The Inditex group is still willing to add innovation to our shopping experience in their stores. And Zara, the star brand of the company, will again be in charge of surprising us, as it already did with XXL stores, virtual testers or physical stores to buy on-line. It will be with the incorporation of an augmented reality experience, which will encourage customers not only to buy (For that we don't need much help), but also to enjoy the Studio collection and share what we see on social networks.

Zara has presented this innovation to the press this morning, which we have been able to experience in the first person and that has left us wanting more. That you arrive at your stores to incorporate something more into our sessions of shopping. For it, we will only need our mobile phone, a app and be near one of the 120 stores from all over the world in which Zara will test the experience (although we can also do it with any package that we request through its store on-line).

The operation is very simple. First, we will download on our mobile one app (for iOS and Android), available on the web and the app Zara usual. This new app will allow us to scan certain shop windows of the stores where the experience is available, as well as a specific point inside (a podium) and another of each package received through purchase on-line.

And what will happen when we scan them? Well, on our screen will appear holograms of the models Léa Julian and Fran Summers in video sequences of 7 to 12 seconds to show us the garments of the Studio collection while they pose, move or even dance in an incredibly realistic experience that adapts to each device and every stage.

When we watch the videos, we can directly buy the outfits that carry the models, share them on our social networks, photograph or record them. This will be possible as of April 18, for two weeks, at 120 flagships scattered all over the world, which are still unknown. But, after trying it, we can only hope that the idea ends up becoming permanent.

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