Women shoes

The 16 flat shoes that will make you feel as powerful as if you were wearing 15 centimeters of heel

The official arrival of autumn brings many changes in our closet. Among them, the one to keep the sandals in the drawer and recover the closed footwear. A transition that can be complicated for many, but that will enter better with a good dose of trend and comfort. Because with these flat shoes low cost so ideal you will not even want to look at stilettos, You will splurge as much style as if you were wearing stiletto heels!


The flagship firm of Inditex has become strong in terms of stylish flat shoes. From the white grid shoes (39.95 euros) to the snake skin loafers (29.95 euros) that triumph this season. Y if you prefer to bet on total black We recommend two options: good ones blutchers with a male-style zipper (29.95 euros) or dancers with a light wooden heel (39.95 euros).


Of a giant low cost we jump to another, because in Mango We have found the most delicate and colorful proposals of the planet give a boost Femininity to your style with those yellow ballerinas with bows (29.99 euros) or some shovels millennial pink with pompom (15.99 euros). And if you prefer minimalism, that gray design with stitching and laces (49.99 euros) has your name written on it.


In Bershka we find very versatile options with a groundbreaking and young touch. The perfect example are the moccasins, a classic footwear that the firm has reinterpreted, with platform (29.99 euros) or in stitched red patent leather (25.99 euros). And if all else fails, some mules in total black (19.99 euros) will save any look.


If the classics tire us and we look for escape trends mainstream, Asos is the best destination to do it. There we can find hundreds of designs of all imaginable styles. From basic such as moccasins with golden rings (44.99 euros) or with Animal Print (28.99 euros) until proposals in pink and bright tartan (38.99 euros) or mules made in multicolored interwoven (46.99 euros).

Pull & Bear

We finish with two proposals as great as disparate, both made in Pull & Bear Fully faced styles that could change any look from top to bottom. Because it is not the same to wear jeans with blutchers platform (29.99 euros) than with ballerinas with striped bows (25.99 euros).

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