Zara has the most impressive dresses of the season for day and night looks

Zara, oh Zara! "That brings us down the street of bitterness" with his new clothes. Each week what he proposes to us is better than the previous one, and of course, our credit card can no longer and our closet either.

The new one Fall 2019 collection is ideal and dresses have become the protagonists of all looks, in the most stylish day and night. These are the new ones 15 most impressive dresses that you will want to wear from now on.

Impressive tunic type party dress, full of silver and gray sequins with satin details on the sleeves and sensual skirt opening. Its price is of 99.95 euros.

Elegant yellow dress with black and white floral pattern with lace detail at the neckline of the perkins neck. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

Long dress in transparent tulle with puffed sleeves and polka dot print. Its price is of 29.95 euros.

Sophisticated black and white dress with delicate floral print with a slim waist and shoulder straps. A perfect design to go to work and to afterwork Its price is of 39.95 euros.

This dress promises to raze and has everything for it. A short model crossed in black and detail of maxi tie at the waist. Its price is of 59.95 euros.

If you like the minimalist style, this dress is perfect. A sober model in pastel blue, with original nude belt detail integrated into the dress, raised collar and French sleeve. A perfect option to go to the office during halftime. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

For the most stylish nights a black dress is the best ally. Ideal is this design midi crossed straps with details of laced tone and a bright touch. Its price is of 29.95 euros.

Sophisticated dress midi shirt print snake with brush strokes in tile color and lace detail. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

American type dress in black with puffed shoulder straps and belt. Its price is of 79.95 euros.

Chiffon mini-dress with a floral print flattering. A comfortable and casual style model while ideal coquettish. Its price is of 29.95 euros.

Black dress in a minimalist style, a pleated design with short and long asymmetric sleeves. Its price is of 25.95 euros.

Pink satin dress, pronounced v-neck and long midi. A guest option if you look alone or during the day if combined with a shirt or shirt. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

Blue and pink sequined mini dress with sequins. A sleeveless model with two maxi ruffles limited edition skirt. Its price is of 69.95 euros.

Romantic dress midi Powdered pink lace, short sleeve and ruffle on the hem. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

Pink shirt dress with black polka dot print. A flattering pleated skirt design and lacing detail, ideal for going to the office full of energy. Its price is of 39.95 euros.

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