Cloned and caught: this is the Attico fancy dress that we will find in Stradivarius at a low-cost price

The clothing firm Attic It is so cool that the vast majority of brands low cost they are inspired by their designs to achieve that cool retro touch that characterizes it so much. Every week they appear new clothes that remind us slightly of those of the Italian firm and today that happens with a new dress of Stradivarius where multicolored sequins bring us a very festive look.

The Attic design that has fallen in love with half the planet

As part of the new collection, the original dress is presented with a V-neck, long sleeves and multicolored sequins. As expected, its price is around three figures: 890 euros.

Stradivarius and its version low cost

With the same neckline, similar sequins and thin straps, this Stradivarius mini dress can help you achieve the original look with a price that will almost not affect your personal economy: 25.99 euros.

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