Take advantage of the (second) sales to get a fancy fanny pack

Yes a few years ago the fanny packs they broke into the fashion world to the surprise of many, today they have secured a place of honor in the closet of many fashionistas. The firms do not hesitate to launch new designs Each season, and even great designers choose to present their own versions. Today we take advantage of the sales season to show luxury models with interesting discounts -and on many occasions, irresistible-.

Options for all tastes, colors and budgets

  • With embroidered Chloé details, 650 euros 324.99 euros.
  • Yuzefi rectangular type, 410 euros 164 euros.
  • Thatched from Nannacay, 222 euros 88.80 euros.
  • Neon green of Balenciaga, 590 euros 413 euros.
  • Bicolor Wandler, 475 euros 142.50 euros.
  • In Off-White neon snake skin, 475 euros 285 euros.
  • Elizabeth and James's red color, 198.33 euros 99.17 euros.

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