Cloned and caught: heart-shaped earrings arrive in Zara

The heart-shaped earrings arrived a few months ago with the aim of conquering many fashion victims and with the passing of the weeks they have become the star accessory of street style. Yes Alessandra Rich revolutionized with its strass earrings, little by little new firms were launching new designs: Balenciaga, Uterqüe or My Peeptoes pointed to fashion. Is now Zara which is willing to petarlo with earrings "similar" to those of the Valencian designer, Juan Vidal, launched a few months ago.

Conquering Rosalia himself, Juan Vidal did not want to miss the opportunity to launch a striking, large design where a heart full of crystals was the center of attention. Available in different colors, this accessory is for sale from 49 euros.

In the new Zara collection we find a "similar" version for all those who have not yet succumbed to this fashion (but want to do it at the best price). With baguette glasses, this new version is available for 12.95 euros.

What version do you stay with?

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