Trendy beach hats: the beach hats with which to get the most stylish looks

Not without my hat! The hats beach They are the necessary complement to sunbathe on the beach or in the pool. It is an accessory that protects both face and hair from the sun's rays and is also ideal. If you do not feel comfortable bet on a more discreet model and if you want to be the most fashion choose pamelon in the purest Jacquemus style. Brigitte Bardot was the pioneer in betting on beach hats. She looked like no one on the Cote d'Azur, detaching the glamor that requires such a necessary piece in our summer closet.

Borsalino, wide-brimmed, canotiers, pamela xxl ... and of course made of straw as the main material. Are we leaving shopping to find the hats beach more ideal?

Seeberger hat in different blue and white tones. Its price is of 24.95 euros.

Simple and discreet. This is this hat beach Handmade made of straw and made with handmade braiding. A Lucia Be model whose price is 34.95 euros.

Hat Beach in pamela version. A black wide-brimmed design with Primark's message. Its price is of 6 euros

Deflected straw hat with ethnic details in fluorine colors. A model of El Corte Inglés. Its price is of 14.95 euros.

Hat beach Wide-brimmed stripes in white, pink and green from Primark. Its price is of 6 euros

Raffia hat with details deflected in natural color, easy to combine and very stylish Women'secret. Its price is of 11.99 euros.

Pamela in natural color with deflected details and black bow detail. A Tintoretto model whose price is 16.09 euros.

Classic canotier that you can get the most out of. A versatile design, handmade in natural straw, very resistant and with a black cotton band as a detail. A Lucia Be model whose price is 30 euros.

Raffia hat in green Oysho. Its price is of 19.99 euros.

Pamela of raffia with stripes in pink and green of Women'secret. Its price is of 11.99 euros.

Instagram inspires us

Instagram is a source of model inspiration and looks to wear this summer 2019. Beach hats of all styles, designs and colors that will help you to be the most fashionable these holidays.

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