The anklets have returned to our lives: street style says so and these nine low-cost jewels confirm it

Jewels are always a fundamental part of our styles, which raise them and put the icing on the cake. They can even define from top to bottom a look basic, doing it more boho-chic, minimalist or ornate. We have seen it with the chokers, with the hanging waterfalls and with the piercings. Now is the turn of an accessory that only looks in summer: the anklets succeed, better if they are shells.

The anklets decorating our feet return every summer, as soon as the lengths of the clothes are shortened and we change the socks for sandals. This season 2019 they come loaded with very summer shells and casual, How could it be otherwise. It is the latest trend of the year, filling jewelry, footwear, accessories and designs of all kinds.

But shell ankle bracelets are not the only ones that succeed. So if you are thinking about trying this trend but you have already saturated yourself with so many jewels decorated with marine elements, you are still on time. We have seen them golden, fabric, metallic, silver and even with ropes basic that combine mixing colors.

  • Bracelet with gold Parfois pendants, 6.99 euros.
  • Parfois bead anklet, 5.99 euros.
  • Parfois silver steel ankle bracelet, 17.99 euros.
  • Shells and pearls anklet from Asos, 7.99 euros.

Many of the options low cost they have already flown on sale, but we are still in time to put the glove on some gorgeous how are you. Whether shells, jewelry with all the letters or designs more boho-chic of beads and braids with thread, the truth is that we will dress our ankles this summer with a lot of style.

  • Gold plated anklet from Asos, 24.99 euros.
  • Pack of three minimalist bracelets for the foot of Asos, 7.99 euros.
  • Topshop maximalist jewel anklet, 20 euros.
  • Pack of three anklet bracelets beads and pearls from Topshop, 13 euros.
  • Shell anklet with metallic detail from Amazon, 3.95 euros.

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