Zara's new bag collection could fill your daily looks with color and originality

We do not know what do the bags have, but in a world (fashion) in constant change with trends that vary dramatically each season, this complement is able to endure over time and survive any imposed fashion. With these premises Zara present your new fall 2019 collection where designs of all sizes and styles come with the aim of conquering our day-to-day looks.

Black and white versions

The Spanish firm launches different models with two color options (or more): white and / or black. Whatever side you are, these options are perfect to wear daily thanks to their size and comfort.

With double handle and padding, this design could become the next obsession of many fashion victims In search of the perfect bag.

In addition, Zara does not forget the retro-style bags and launches a crescent-shaped version to hang on the shoulder -or carry it crossed if we prefer-.

Wear bold color versions

Turquoise blue, red, orange ... The bag can sentence the final styling and these models are able to become the absolute protagonists of your day to day.

The dorado will continue to set a trend

In addition, the Spanish firm does not forget one of the great trends for a couple of seasons: the golden color dyes its collection of accessories with leather boots and matching bag.

What proposal do you stay with?