Fashion girls decorate their necklines this summer with full-color necklaces

While half of the population already enjoys their deserved Summer Vacation, the other part is about to start. We do not know what this era has that our mind is in such a good mood that it dares with everything (and more). The outfits they get happier, with striking colors and a mixture of the most disparate tones. For a few weeks, the USSR are showing a trend which has more and more followers: wear a neckline full of necklaces ... multicolored. Vintage style and even a retro touch - there are models similar to those we had as children - these accessories They are the stars of this season.

The RRSS are the best escape

Playing with the shapes of the beads, we can build authentic works of art in our neckline. Mixing styles and colors will make these accessories the absolute protagonists of the final look. In addition, pastel shades such as pink or sky blue return us to that nineties where making crafts and wearing them in the form of a jewel was the greatest of our hobbies.

Whether in excess (they are never enough) or just wearing a pair of necklaces, this complement has flooded the USSR, showing its full potential and accompanying fashion girls daily.

What are you waiting to wear a similar version?

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