The last thing about Vetements is crazy: some bear slippers to go outside (although the crazy thing is its price)

Every time Vetements launches a new madness to the market, it gets all the attention. So much so that its designer, Demna Gvasalia, has already earned the reputation of being the most satirical, daring and genius creative in the current fashion industry. But that does not stop him from surprising us, this time with some teddy bear shoes that are taken to the street. No, they are not your slippers to be at home or cost what those.

Vetements has built its empire around crazy things like these, from the shirts of merchandising at exorbitant prices to the cowboy with his butt in the air, passing through his well-known non-parades. But the designer adds and continues, going from one madness to another without looking back. If in the past he turned to our childhood to turn the school's neon highlighters into a heel, now pull back childhood to create some slippers teddy bear deluxe.

His name is Hug Me Bear (cuddly bear) and they want to move to street style more daring the comfort of stuffed slippers to be at home. Did you think that opting for comfort on our day would stay in sports? It is clear that there are those who think that they can go further, with this proposal made of cotton and alpaca hair and mohair in Italy. A luxury material for a luxury accessory.

Demna Gvasalia has created this crazy shoe in a versatile way, with velcro which eliminates the arms and legs of the bear. You know, just in case the "whole" bear is too much, you can always wake it up. They are for sale in Net-a-porter for about 890 euros. What can we say? Of course, ideal to combine with looks Trendy pajamas and go straight to bed when you get home.

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