So you can wear a raffia beach bag at all hours of the day

The carrycot and raffia beach bags They have become essential in our summer looks. So much so that not only do we take them to the beach or the pool but they have become a Chic accessory ideal for 24 hours a day.

They make any look look relaxed and summery just by adding a raffia bag.

What we like most about them is that they have enough capacity to fit us inside.

We can find them in all sizes and shapes. We can even find them in the form of a fanny pack.

They are the ideal complement for summer days that last until sunset to show off with your dresses for the beach.


In mini size they get a very flirty and bohemian style combined with jeans.

As it is a big bag, on trips you can carry it as a handbag and thus be able to carry more things in the cabin, always with everything at hand.

In luxury version, Loewe He has launched this model that excites the girls, available in various colors and sizes.

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