Barbie becomes Ziggy Stardust to honor David Bowie (and he does not lack detail)

Space Oddity, one of the greatest songs of David Bowie and the history of music in general, this month marks 50 years of its launch and, to celebrate it, another pop icon has been dressed as Ziggy Stardust.

The bisexual and androgynous alien trying to save the Earth with rock music was the singer's first alter ego which now happens to be also Barbie (and not Ken).

For this, the doll has had to cut and dye her characteristic blonde hair red, paint your nails black and make the circle on the forehead that symbolizes the Third Eye.

Nor is the iconic missing metallic suit with red and blue stripes and platform boots.

Mattel's intention with this collection doll is, as specified on its website: "honor the cultural legacy of genius that redefined rock and roll. "

Barbie David Bowie includes a base to hold the wrist standing and has a price of 50 dollars (about 44 euros to change). Although it is currently sold out through official sales channels.

Video: Fears of a Clown (December 2019).