Katy Perry has been accused of inappropriate behavior by two people

Katy Perry is musical premiere, however, she is not going through her best moment. This month of August, the singer has been accused of sexual harassment by two different people.

At the moment, the interpreter of Never Really Over has not ruled on it of such serious accusations but let's start at the beginning.

First accusation

On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of Teenage DreamJosh Kloss, the actor who played his desire object in the video clip, posted a post on his Instagram account in which he referred to that shoot as "one of the most confusing, abusive and degrading jobs" of their life.

Accompanied by a capture of him and Katy in the video, Kloss told his experience on the set:

"With me he was cool and kind, while with other people it was ice cold. Even He referred to the act of kissing me as 'disgusting' in front of the whole team. "

But, according to the actor's testimony, what began as a purely professional relationship, soon began to cross boundaries that made her confused:

"After the first day of filming, he invited me to go to a strip club in Santa Barbara but I declined the invitation. "

Kloss has stated that she continued to see Perry a couple more times after the artist broke up with her ex-husband Russell Brand. Until the two agreed on a birthday in which things would have left mother:

"When I saw her, we hugged. She was still my crush. However, when I went to introduce her to my friend, she lowered my pants and underwear as far as she could to show my friends and the whole crowd around us my penis. Can you imagine how pathetic and ashamed I felt? "

Then he shared with his followers some supposed emails with the singer's team in which they indicated what I could and could not say about the singer in interviews, in order to protect your image.

Although Perry is silent about it, several of his friends have come out publicly in his defense. They allege that Kloss has been obsessed with her since filming the video and that his accusations are the result of having been rejected by the singer.

One of these friends is director Johnny Wujek, on whose birthday the alleged incident occurred, which has denied the facts and referred to Perry as "someone who would never do something like that".

Second accusation

On August 13, a few days after the posts of Kloss, the Russian media Starhit He published an interview with the journalist and presenter of this country Tina Kandelaki. In it, he detailed an experience he had with Perry in a party where I would have tried to kiss her:

"Once they invited me to a private party with Katy Perry in which, being quite drunk, she chose me as an object to express her passion. I tried to oppose and then Katy found a new victim for her kisses, hugs and obsecile dances", he told the magazine.


Although none of these accusations have been proven so far, other occasions on which Katy has been registered are being disseminated in American media and social networks. has failed to respect the limits, especially with younger men.

In March 2017, the singer was recorded on the red carpet of iHeartRadio touching singer shawn mendes's ass, who was then 18 years old and didn't even know Perry before.

A year later, he starred in a similar incident after kiss a contestant from American Idol, program in which she is a judge, without your consent.

In front of the cameras of the talent showBenjamin Glaze, 19, was tricked by the singer through a trick to kiss her on the lips After confessing that I had never kissed a girl.

Upon hearing this, Perry asked for a kiss on the cheek, moving his face at the last moment so that his lips came together. The contestant was visibly uncomfortable while Perry laughed and shook the hands of his fellow judges: Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

In a later interview with the New York Times, they asked Glaze if he would have done it if he had asked for it and his answer was negative.

Video: Katy Perry SLAMMED For Tricking American Idol Contestant Into Kissing Her (December 2019).