If you thought that the memes were past is that you have not seen the ones left by the MTV Video Music Awards gala

The gala of the MTV Video Music Awards marks in the entertainment world, officially, the end of summer. However, we can cry for one eye. Not only for the excellent performances that the gala has left us one more year, but also for all the moments and images with which it is impossible not to laugh.

In addition to rewarding and being rewarded, celebrities have been partying at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Uninhibited and spontaneous, they have not been able to hide their most casual gestures from the cameras. Because, in addition to stars, they are human. The rest has done Twitter with its magic.

This is a selection of the best moments that the ceremony has left us Through his memes.

Be Nick Jonas in love

The Jonas Brothers were present at the gala, after 10 years absent, and took an award for best pop video. However, the moment starring the brothers who will really go to posterity is in the moment before collecting the award.

Nick, who was the only one of the brothers to attend the ceremony without his wife (Priyanka Chopra), was left with no one to kiss to celebrate the news when it was announced that the trio was the winner. Something that has given rise to numerous memes about being more alone than one in love.

I in love is Nick #VMAs

- maria berzosa (@_berzosamaria) August 27, 2019

Rosalia Pride

Rosalia has become the first Spanish artist to take home any of these awards. More concretely, it was done with two MTV VMAs: Best video of a Latin artist and best choreography for With height.

The Catalan also starred one of the most acclaimed performances of the night when he took the stage to play a medley that included part of his last single, along with Ozuna; a capella version of To no man, from his acclaimed album Evil want, and a piece of Aute cuture.

All this together has made the singer one of the great protagonists of the night, getting pride in many.

Me after the performance of Rosalia #VMAs

- 🔹 E R N E S T O 🔹 (@ ErnestoRF8) August 27, 2019

me: Spain is a shit nosequé
watching the performance of rosalia:

- Isomaeru (@Timainas_) August 27, 2019

When a no kiss is the news

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been two of the undisputed protagonists of summer. Both for his love relationship, as professional with his duo Miss. A song they performed last night on stage at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

And, of course, being the last couple to have formed Within the American entertainment industry, the expectation was maximum. Above all, regarding whether the kiss would come at the end of it.

The artists took advantage to play with the tension of the moment to the maximum, making much of the audience will get up and give visible samples of his enthusiasm as if it were a football match.

Finely the kiss did not occur but it doesn't matter because, in return, we had the fun reactions of Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, which really are all of us.


- yAi; (@MUFFINftPIZZA) August 27, 2019

John Travolta misplaced

We are not going to get mad at John Travolta because he has starred in some of our favorite movies of all time but the truth is that it seems that the actor he did not bother to study the list of nominees of the prize he had to deliver. And that was the most important of the year.

In this way, I try to give him the Best video of the year award to drag queen Jade Jolie thinking it was Taylor Swift.

John Travolta believing that Jade Jolie was #TaylorSwift is EVERYTHING! #VMAs

- Carlos Brandt (@CarlosBrandt) August 27, 2019

Taylor Swift and the wine

Having so much presence in the awards ceremony, we don't know when Taylor Swift thought he could drink untrangled wine without being caught by anyone.

Taylor subtly trying to drink wine is sending me #VMAs #TaylorOnTheVMAs

- 𝓛𝑜𝓋𝑒, Ben (fan account) (@ TS7Track3) August 27, 2019

Sophie Turner's particular ovation

The actress of Game of Thrones He attended the ceremony as a couple of Joe Jonas and, although, he didn't even have the option of being nominated, was protagonist in several moments throughout the night.

In addition to those already mentioned above, Turner refused to sit after the spectacular performance of Miley Cyrus as a way of showing that she did not overcome it.

Sophie Turner refuses to sit down after that Miley performance and we stand with her #VMAs

- Chicks in the Office (@ChicksInTheOff) August 27, 2019

Camila and Rosalía de charleta

To Camila Cabello and Rosalia they sat them together, we assume that they could speak quietly without the language barrier. So that is precisely what they did and Twitter users have imagined what their conversations were about.

Camila: Don't you bring bananas in the glove compartment?
Rosalia: No mana, only shrimp
Camila Cabello #VMAs

- #What it is! (@iLoQueEs) August 27, 2019

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