Second-hand September: the 30-day challenge with which Oxfam wants you to stop buying new clothes

Second Hand September (September of second hand) is the 30-day challenge that Oxfam has launched to the world's buyers for this September and that consists of do not buy new clothes all month.

In this way, the NGO wants to raise awareness about the impact that the fashion world has on the environment. According to Oxfam data, every week, eleven million pieces of clothing end up in landfills. The reality behind data like this, a consequence of the fashion model of using and throwing, is that the industry is generating pressure on the planet that the campaign describes as "unsustainable."

Nicola Tallet, one of the managers of Oxfam, said some of its visible effects:

"We see daily the impact of the climatic emergency through the people who live in poverty, either because of the drought in East Africa or the earthquakes in Asia and we wanted to do something about it. "

Following the challenge is as simple as not acquiring any new garment until September ends and, if you need one, do it a used clothing store.

The duration of it is not accidental either and that is long enough to create a new habit but not so long as to be daunting.

The campaign is backed by the Stella Tennant model, who has been photographed for the occasion with her daughter, and stylist Bay Garnett, famous for dressing Kate Moss with vintage clothing in the two thousand years.

Garnett has given his opinion regarding second-hand clothing and has compared its use in the past and present:

"Before it was about referring to the past and individuality. Finding something unique gave you a kind of cool cache. However, Now it's not only about aesthetics, it also has political significance. For younger generations, dressing secondhand is a political and environmental choice. "

Awareness regarding this problem is spreading especially among the youngest sectors of the population, where many are already turning their backs on the model of fast fashion for opt for reuse of garments. In fact, according to the latest Thredup study, the second hand market is expected to exceed that of fast fashion in 2028.

Video: Richard Wolff: "Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism". Talks at Google (December 2019).