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French manicures are again a trend and this is demonstrated by these 9 celebrities such as Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner

Lately, we have realized how one of the most followed manicures of the late 90s and 2000s is booming. And it is that the French manicure, despite having had its great golden years, had been a bit forgotten. Until now. Thus, there are many celebrities who have gradually regained the trend as we can see through their Instagram accounts and that we have to take into account because it looks like becoming one of the must of the new season.
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The 17 dresses of Elie Saab that turned the actresses of Cannes into princesses

70 years of cinema, 70 years offering dreams on the big screen. The Cannes Festival extends its red carpet on the French coast, between luxury and the movies of the moment. The spell arises before the thousand flashes that seek to capture the snapshot of a smile of the actress who for a day becomes a princess thanks to a dream dress, created after hours of delicate work, to contemplate fashion with its own style and inspire a new femininity.
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The 11 female characters from film and television who won our hearts this 2017

This year, both cinema and television have provided us with great female role models: women who leave the classic roles of princesses and mothers to become the true heroines of the films they star in. Yes, feminism has been noticed in the entertainment industry for good and these are our favorite protagonists, which in our opinion have contributed to changing the landscape more.
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